"In Darkness a Light Shines on Me"

I am a coffee drinking , out of key singing , 5 foot tall Wild Thing . I am a mother to a daughter , a list maker and a Sailor's wife . This is my little corner of the internet where I write about being a Stay at Home Wife and Mom , a talentless crafter , an aspiring writer , a struggler with mental health , a music lover , and all the things that challenge me .

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Ahhhh you guys!! I love her.

Teenager status

Plant people: any idea what those tentacle things are coming out of my succulent? They’re on the stem and under a couple leaves. They’re not sharp and I’ve never seen them before (I’ve had this plant for over a year). It’s freaky!

Our world is a safe place and we never have to grow up. I love it all.

Making progress on a lot of things. Steps back in some areas.
Not sorry, not now not ever.

I sorta hate how this weekend turned out. But this particular experience was fun. Finger paints rule.

We finger-painted yesterday. It went well.
Some days the parenting gig is a breeze and just makes sense.
Other days I have no clue what I’m doing and why won’t she sleep and maybe if I just lay here with her she will remember that she likes bedtime.

I just want to live in the Midwest again.

Up at 3am watching Daniel Tiger because strange noises and sleep regression.

I crave this every day.

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